Sunday, February 23, 2014

First project

This week I completed my first project.  Last week, I learned how to do a few basic stitches online and also bought a bunch of "floss" or thread, fabric, needles, scissors, floss organizer, and water-soluble pen.  I also bought a book that has a variety of doodling designs on a whim. 

But first, I organized my "floss" or thread.


I decided to begin my first project using an idea from the book I purchased.
Using the the blue pen, I traced the image on to fabric I purchased:
Then into the loom!
First knot
And finally, the final product:

This took about a week to complete.  I used split stitch, statin stitch, and daisy stitches.  The last thing to do is to wash off the blue ink and mount on a wooden frame so I can hang it on my walll.

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